GM-Wellness Testimonials
I began getting bodywork done by Greg in October 2005. At that time time I was at a lowpoint in my life.

I was able to walk only short distances due to physical pain and was estranged from several family members. After a few regular one hour sessions with Greg I noticed a real change taking place. I was feeling more limber with less pain and was able to start expanding my excercise program. Through the cranio-sacral work thoughts and emotions came to my awareness that had been holding me back. I began to feel happy again.

I continue to work with Greg on a regular basis. Here are some changes that have occured:

In 2005 I was able to walk 1 block per day with a lot of pain. Today I walk 2 - 3 miles a day pain free. I also work out 3 days per week at a gym and do 2 Yoga classes per week.

In June 2006 I organized a family reunion. Many of us hadn't seen or spoken to each other for 40 years. It was a great success.
We continue to be in regular contact.

I started doing artwork again, which I had dropped for many years.

My views about what is possible for myself and others continues to expand. These changes are a direct result of knowing and working with Greg Lucero.

Greg is not only a great bodyworker, he's a true healer. Thank you Greg.

--Kerry B.

I am a massage therapist, so I am picky about whom I receive massage from. I have been a client of Greg's for almost 3 yrs, and I recently moved to San Francisco and still see Greg for treatment when I am back in San Diego because he is so good! He knows and uses and number of different techniques and is great at adapting the massage to target more specific areas based on my needs that day. I have gone to him to flush out toxins, during my marathon training to maintain optimal muscle health and to treat a chronic foot injury, and for just overall relaxation. He is friendly, professional, and effective.

--Kat H.

I would highly recommend a massage with Greg Lucero. Greg does a great job of tailoring the massage he gives you based on your own individual needs.

Greg has been treating me for a past gymnastics' injury and I have made more progress with him than with physical or occupational therapist.

--Laura T.

I've always tried to keep myself in good shape, but unfortunately, bad backs run in my family. So when I started to have chronic back problems about 2 years ago, I decided to start investing in deep-tissue and therapeutic massages once every couple of weeks. I went to the local massage school and basically tried everyone that worked there at least once.

While the massages felt good, and made me feel better in the short term, one of the things I noticed was that I would often feel worse after the massage than I did beforehand! So I kept looking, hoping that I would find a therapist that not only gave a massage that felt good, but one who actually helped me heal faster and stay healthy well after the massage was over.

Finally, I found Greg. Right away I could tell that he was different, because he didn't just treat the problem--he treated the whole body. He worked on my back, of course, but he also worked on my flexibility, my range of motion, my circulation, etc. His massages feel great, and you're very relaxed the whole time (he is very easygoing and friendly). Most importantly, however, you feel much better well after the massage is over.

When I started massages with Greg, I was trying to cope with a low level of back pain almost every day, and I couldn't even touch my toes because my muscles were so tight. Now I am pain-free and I can touch my palms all the way to the floor. I'm running faster, I feel stronger, my stress level is down, and I'm much more productive at work. The benefits are well worth the cost, and since Greg is an independent therapist, he can offer great deals anyway!

I recommend Greg very highly. If you're currently getting massages from someone else but feel like they could be better, I would recommend that you try Greg instead. Or, if you're a first timer and are a little apprehensive, go ahead and give him a try. You'll be happy you did.

--Brian M.

I've been treated by Greg for years and he does such a fantastic job! He is a licensed massage therapist that offers therapeutic, deep tissue, relaxation massage. For me, he is a lifesaver. Whenever I have troubles with my shoulder or back, I go to see him and he fixes the problem. There is the time that you can't deal with the pain and have to go see a professional. He is the one for me and when you are treated by him, You will know what I'm talking about. Enjoy your massage!

--Midori M.

I have been going Greg for massages for several years now and am always impressed at how intuitive and talented he is as a massage therapist. Each time he makes sure he understands exactly what my physical issues are and customizes my massage to give me the best support and relief.

When I leave, without fail, whatever physical aches and pains I came in to address feel better, and I feel so relaxed and de-stressed that my whole outlookon life is more positive. Sometimes I need to wait a little bit before heading home because I am so relaxed that I don't want to drive. 8-)

--Michelle L.